Best MS Blog 2016

I was voted one of the “Best Multiple Sclerosis Blogs” of 2016 by Healthline!


One thought on “Best MS Blog 2016

  1. Maida

    I have MS. I have been living with MS since 1981. I wanted to write about it without using too many ” I ” ‘s but as you can see, I couldn’t. My self image is flawed, to say the least. Its difficult to even think of myself as being a person deserving to post on this blog. No worries though, I am not suicidal. And I believe a lot of people think about it, but for me, I know I am too chicken. I m very active and try to eat right; however, the stress part is overwhelming me. I hear it would a healthy person. I am alone trying to make ends meat on a part time job. Of course fatigue doesn’t allow for a full time job. I take care of my mother with dementia, so I miss a lot of work on FMLA. And we know that doesn’t pay, so hours missed is pay missed. So let me say, I am her only daughter living away from the rest of family whom really doesn’t understand MS, the meaning of pay check to pay check, or stress. 1 family member does, but he has a lot of the same life struggles. So I won’t add to his. I hate talking to anyone about MS or my issues, for that same, “but you look so well” attitude. What is not visible is not believed. I thought blogging might help and even now I feel like I am feeling sorry for myself. I have contacted her insurance to research help for her, but her widowed retirement is $200.00 too much for medicaid. So here I am at 4AM writing on here, because stress keeps me awake. Argh!!


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