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So – as we know… Social Media is ‘the thing’ now-a-days… so feel free to connect w/ me below:

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9 thoughts on “Connect with me

  1. Julie

    I read an article you wrote in something I was sent on Facebook. I was diagnosed in 2005 and have 2 young children. My family had to move due to bad family situation. I don’t know any mother with MS up here and sometimes get looked down on. I feel alone and frustrated. Your article I’m a somebody was helpful. Julie


  2. My husband just got diagnosed with MS it’s mind boggling to me, he has worked so hard all his life in the furniture business and now he can’t do his job anymore have you heard of anyone on disability for this condition and does it ever get better


  3. Sharon Duysen

    I read your article just now about cog-fog, as soon as I stop crying I’ll comment. I’m NOT alone! OMG! Someone DOES understand!!!!
    Thank you, Ashley, for sharing.


  4. Alycia Watts

    Hello my name is Alycia, i have a younger sister named Ashley. I was newly diagnosed in the summer of 2015. Im still so very confused and stressed about so much and scared as well. I juat had my 31st birthday yesterday and i have no children, but i am blessed with anamazing boyfriend. I have a wonderfu grandmother as well who is always sharing ms posts via my fb messenger. I really hae enjoyed reading yours. Thank you for poasitive and uplifting thoughts.


  5. Kell

    Hi Ashley,
    I love reading your articles mainly because I can relate to them and I don’t always feel so alone. However sometimes I feel like I am still alone. Being athletic my whole life and extremely independent with wonderful communication skills both oral and written it’s extremely difficult to see where I am today.
    But if a stranger looked at me they would claim that I look healthier stronger and better than the majority of the people around me however I know that I’m only functioning at 30 or 40% of what I used to function. I believe there’s a large population of people like myself who have MS
    We may not be disable “yet” our mobility may be considered “remarkable” only because you didn’t know us before, we look like we have it all together because we can laught our silly mistakes away but this leads us feeling like an outsider because even though we have the same symptoms as someone else with MS they can’t understand how we are still able to do what we can. Then on the other side friends family and coworkers know we have MS but forget because we don’t look sick…. people don’t understand that one day I can run 10 miles but next week I can’t go out because I can’t handle the feeling of my skin crawling, coworkers who can’t understand why I can’t speak in a meeting or a family member not understanding that forgetting appointments, forgetting words, inability to speech creates such terror that it will bring on a panic attach that will stop everything in its track , which creates guilt for letting your girlfriends down because you didn’t show up for the birthday party, or your children are wondering how could you forget their swim meet, or the disappointment in your spouse face because another week has passed and you still didn’t get the vehicle into the shop. . People like myself with MS are stuck in a area where we can relate to people with MS because we have it but they don’t relate with us, and your love ones forget you have it and can’t understand. I would love to see an article about people like me.
    Just a different perspective.
    Love ❤️

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