About Ashley

Ashley is a 30-year old, living right outside of Austin, TX.  She was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in August 2010 at the age of 22. The diagnosis came shortly after she graduated with her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. She is a mom of two boys, Jason who is 12 and Luke who is 9.

Ashley grew up in San Antonio, TX, but moved to the Austin area after she married her husband, James, in 2005. In her spare time she loves to spend time with her kids, watch baseball/softball, read, go swimming, and have BBQ’s with her friends that she considers family.

She has always loved to write, and after she was diagnosed she started writing her feelings and emotions online. She didn’t know that just by sharing her thoughts and personal feelings that so many others would be able to relate.

While MS is a very difficult disease to live with, Ashley tries to live the best life that she can no matter the circumstances. You will often find that her writing is full of sarcasm intended to make you laugh or just brutally honest and to the point, to get the point across without any doubts.

While she didn’t want/ask for this diagnosis, she is thankful for the people she has met because of MS. She loves helping others living with the illness and helping advocate for Multiple Sclerosis to the general public.

MS has taught me many things but most importantly it has taught me, if you live your life with negativity and spite… then that’s all you will have surrounding you. By embracing life for what it is, and making the most of everyday, you know you are doing everything you can. Not only for yourself, but also for those surrounding you to make this life the best it CAN be.” – Ashley Ringstaff

Ashley had the honor of being nominated for Healthline’s best health blogs in the past few years, for her outstanding writing for MultipleSclerosis.net.

Click here to read all of Ashley’s articles on MultipleSclerosis.net.

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2 thoughts on “About Ashley

  1. Mary Stewart

    Hi Ashley, I am on FB too, though I am an old broad (I have a granddaughter your age.🙄)I was diagnosed in 1991 right after hubby and I bought our dream home. I was working at my dream job…an RN at an inner city hospital when MS knocked me on my butt. I got my dx 1 mo. after my 44th birthday. The exacerbations then were coming in waves and the pres. of the hospital called me at home and said, (basically) “Bye-bye, blue eyes.” I tried so hard to get back to work, but I was d o n e. I am so thankful to God for MSas it has given me the gift of time. I have an awesome hubby, (of 44 yrs) awesome neighbors and friends and two (intermittently) awesome Yorkies. I am looking forward to reading your blog!


  2. Hi Ashley!

    Just like you, I was diagnosed early on at 22 years old and it’s fair to say my life changed forever. I went from preparing for my final university project to leaving university with only half a functioning body.

    I had big plans to be a famous illustrator, I’d set up my business around the second year of university and had deals set up with galleries, boutique stores, commissions, an agent and a book deal for when I left. I’d worked so hard. But the day after leaving university, my left side went completely numb. I could no longer hold a pencil! I lost all the deals and contacts i’d set up and I thought my life was over. I wanted to do an MA but instead, I got MS.

    Now, however, 4 years on I am now using my design skills to raise awareness of invisible illnesses including MS and created a range of spoon-friendly hoodies and t-shirts as well as other products with empowering slogans.

    I was very inspired by your blog and am very interested to get involved with you. Maybe either by writing a guest blog, sending you one of my products to review on your blog or putting them in your monthly newsletter, or even an online video interview on Facebook? I believe all of these things will help to create virality around invisible illnesses and that’s what will change public perceptions.

    I am in the process of contacting the most influential advocates and my awareness campaign is already gaining traction. Hal Elrod (Author of ‘The Miracle Morning’) being one of them that’s getting on board.

    Being around the same age range (I turn 27 this December) you’re probably having the same worries and concerns as me about family and career etc. It would be interesting to get your perspective and have a general chat.

    I was asked to write a guest blog for Bella Grayson not long ago about my symptoms etc and how I deal with them on a day to day basis, you can read that here: https://bellagrayson.com/blogs/news

    My products are now listed in the Bella Grayson store: https://bellagrayson.com/collections/invisible-illness-empowered?page=2

    I am very excited to work with you to make MS and invisible illnesses mainstream knowledge. I don’t know about you but I am getting pretty sick and tired of being discriminated against for using my disabled parking permit!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, please email me at Jessie@aceweddingdesign.com
    Jessie Ace x


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